Proof of prior injury does not necessarily diminish a plaintiff’s recovery or exclude all medical expense the plaintiff claims. A tortfeasor is liable for all injuries he or she causes even though the injuries consist of the aggravation of a preexisting condition. Whether an accident aggravates, worsens or exacerbates a prior injury is a medical question left to a treating or expert witness, however, if your pain increased or the physical medical condition changes in any way, a claim for injuries in this situation is encouraged.

Liability attaches even though the injuries might not have followed, but for the peculiar, pre-existing weaknesses of the injured person.

At Hall, Rustom & Fritz, Attorney Fadi B. Rustom, knows how to navigate difficult cases involving a pre-existing injuries and is capable of recovering for aggravation of pre-existing injuries. We help obtain the most compensation possible for clients with these types of cases.

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