A recent study by the Insurance Resource Council discovered that victims of car accidents or other personal injuries that hire lawyers receive gross settlements three times larger than those who do not hire attorneys. Hiring an injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident is very wise.

Think about it. Would you go to a car lot and purchase a vehicle without first researching the price? how would you know that you’re getting a good deal? Would you trust the car salesman to tell you that you’re getting a good deal? Unlike your personal injury case, it’s easy to do your own research when buying a vehicle.

Now think about your personal injury case. How do you know you are getting a fair settlement from the insurance company? Can you trust the insurance company who tells you you’re getting a fair settlement? Do you know the true value of your case? Only an experienced injury attorney can answer these questions for you.

Many accident victims want to settle their case as quickly as possible. Insurance companies know this and may offer to settle your case quickly, so you don’t hire an attorney. This is a mistake. You are fighting an uphill battle against professionally trained insurance investigations, adjusters and their lawyers.

You need someone looking out for your rights and your interests. Failing to contact an experienced injury attorney before settling with an insurance company may actually cost you a considerable amount of money.

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