Take photographs of your car following a car crash. Very important! Car accident photos show the severity of accident’s impact and will prevent the insurance company from claiming that you were not hurt.

The worse the damage looks, the better your chances of convincing the insurance company that you sustained injuries.

Here’s an example of how photos can help your case:

When an older model car is totaled and cannot be fixed, the insurance company may argue that the car was basic transportation and offer less than $1,000 as payment for the totaled car.

Accident victims who accept this settlement and do not take photographs of their damaged car have just made a serious mistake. The insurance company can then argue that because there was less than $1,000 in damage, this was a low-speed accident and you could not have been hurt.

In situations like these, insurance companies often offer less than the medical bills or nothing at all.

Photos of your vehicle can help prove that the accident is more serious than the insurance company claims. It may help to show that you are entitled to additional money.

You should not have to take photographs yourself.

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